by: Alejandro Heredia

Alejandro is a queer Afro Dominican writer from The Bronx. He is the 2019 Project X slam champion and a Dreamyard Rad(ical) Poetry Consortium Fellow. He has featured in performances with The Bronx Museum, New York Public Library, And BAAD, among other organizations.  Alejandro currently teaches a class series in The Bronx for queer and Trans Black Writers.



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  1. I’ve had the privilege of being student of this incredible artist. He is brilliant for having and executing the idea for the Black Orbit workshop. The readings from Black Queer + Trans writers were inspiring. Helping the group ask ourselves questions that were sometimes very hard to answer. I’ve never felt more included and loved during our classes. Classes that felt like hanging out with friends who were just sharing their work, which it very much was. Our own little community that accepted each other and supported one another’s life/work. It was one of THE greatest experiences I’ve had in a while. I’ve never felt more creative and inspired. I hope to be a part of his next class in the future, Black Orbit Peeps forever!

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