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La Galería Magazine is a labor of love. We are independent and not affiliated with any organization. Please consider making a donation to keep this project going. Your donations will help us continue building this space both online and in public community spaces. Donations can be made via Cash App, PayPal, and Venmo.

Current Fundraising Campaign

1K for Writers

Goal: $1,000 to pay writers to publish 50 articles

Timeline: February 22, 2020 – March 31, 2020

Summary: La Galería Magazine is excited to celebrate our Fifth Year Anniversary by launching our fundraising campaign to raise $1,000 for our writers. With your help, we can pay writers to publish 50 more articles this year on La Galería Magazine. By donating a few dollars today, you will contribute to the strength of the Dominican Diaspora. Donations can be made via Cash App, PayPal, and Venmo. Thank you for supporting La Galería Magazine!

Why You Should Support La Galería Magazine

Founded in 2014 by three Dominican Afro-Latina feminists, La Galería Magazine is an unaffiliated independent grassroots magazine fighting to give a voice to Dominicans in the diaspora and take back our stories. We are committed to staying independent and writing pieces that are anti-oppressive and that connect the Diaspora without any filters or compromises. While we are committed to this, we need your help!

La Galería Magazine’s mission is to provide content that encourages dialogue, documents stories, celebrates community, and inspires action among Dominicans of the Diaspora. Articles on our site have touched on topics that directly affect our community, such as blackness, feminism, immigration, LGBTQ identity, food, history, love, and sex. La Galería Magazine understands that our stories and perceptions are different, and that through dialogue we can begin to respect and understand one another. 

La Galería is the place in which family, neighbors, and guests gather to discuss everything from the latest chisme to social and political issues. It is the place where dialogue and debate are welcomed and encouraged. Similarly to la mecedora, galerías are not exclusive to a particular class; some are built-in, others are an impromptu creation. 

We have a community of supporters who often send us positive feedback, comment on our articles, and use the writings on La Galería Magazine for educational and organizing purposes.

Why We Need Your Support

We need to pay our writers! We would like to compensate those who write for us in a time when writers of color aren’t highlighted and are often underpaid or not compensated for their labor. We want to hire reporters to cover issues that are important to our community, such as events, protests, and projects.

The rates for how much we pay depends on how much money we raise. The more we fundraise, the more we can pay. According to a Clear Voice infographic, beginner writers get paid as little as $0.01 cent per word (which equals $6 – $14 for a piece with our 600 – 1400 word limits), while professional writers can get up to more than $1 per word. Traditionally, we have paid writers $20 per article, or an average of $0.01 – $0.03 cents per word. We hope to increase this amount very soon. 

Additionally, we would like to pay photographers to take photos that can accompany these articles. 

The Dominican Diaspora has done an incredible amount of work, and we need to showcase that. We want to document stories of survival as well as resistance that is far from the mainstream and that show a counter-narrative for future generations. 

Please make a donation to help support our cause and continue uplifting voices of the Dominican Diaspora! If you’re unable to donate at this time, please share our campaign with others. Gracias!

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