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#RebulúDeLaSemana: Trade with China, 1st Dominican Walk of Fame Star, Y Más

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Hi Familia, we were gone for a few weeks but we’re back. This is everything that happened this past week (and a few weeks before just because we’re catching up).


The Dominican Republic and China have established diplomatic relationships and people had a lot to say about it. This is considered a blow to Taiwan, an island which China considers its territory and that now only has 19 allies. It has brought about criticism from external and internal groups. The Dominican government has made statements announcing what this relationship is and what it isn’t. For now the two countries will remain friends with benefits, although it’s not too clear who will benefit the most.

Link in Spanish: https://acento.com.do/2018/economia/8561841-apertura-relaciones-china-despierta-grandes-expectativas-republica-dominicana/

Link in English: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-05-02/taiwan-dumped-by-dominican-republic-in-a-blow-to-taiwan/9718578

On May 2nd, 1965 U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson gave a one-sided speech about the situation at the time in the Dominican Republic. Watch the video, and read our article here about the context of the speech.

A recently-published piece from Latino Rebels and the Centro de Periodismo Investigativo looks at the effects of global warming and the tourism industry in the coast line in Punta Cana. Read it here.

Dominican Pulitzer-Prize winning author Junot Díaz has been accused of sexual misconduct and abuse. Escritoras took to Twitter to share their experiences of having him forcibly kiss them or verbally shut them down.

Read this essay from Cassius that sheds light on how in Black and Brown communities, this behavior is often protected, and what it means to learn this about someone celebrated in the community.

This is weeks after Junot Díaz’ essay about the sexual trauma he endured as a child was published by the New Yorker:  “I’m still afraid – my fear like continents and the ocean between – but I’m going to speak anyway,” he says in the article. Read it here.

Dominicano Robbie Cabral invented the first lock that can be opened with your fingerprint. Check out the story on Univisión.


Yesterday, May 3, Zoe Saldaña became the first person of Dominican descent to get a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame (yes, the first). She posted about it on social media:

A movie about Jack Veneno opened in theaters April 13. Jack Veneno is a retired Dominican professional wrestler. Read all about it here.

Looking for something to listen too during your commute? Check out Acento‘s podcast Adulteando. Their episode on Afrolatinidad brought up different perspectives on the matter from Dominicans abroad and on the island.

Link: https://m.soundcloud.com/acentopodcasts/adulteando-18-afro-latina



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