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My Blackness is Beautiful

Written by: Diana Metz

My Blackness is beautiful

AfroDominicana with a bloodline that traces directly to Haiti & the Congo

My hair may not fall to my shoulders when I wake up in the morning

Simply because it is gravitating toward the Universe

I may be prieta, morena, negra

But I refuse to let your postcolonial stains destroy my identity

I acknowledge my African ancestry every day,

As I carry my santos around my neck and scream “MAFEREFUN!!!” to my protectors as I stare to the skies above

My Blackness is no longer a burden

I refuse to let anyone tell me “un desrizado es necesario para ese pelo”

I will not accept your remarks about my melanin

My skin absorbs all the vitamins and energies the sun and moon offer

No soy loca por no comer puerco y carne

No soy estúpida por no querer vivir en un país que no me aceptas

… y en realidad, a ti tampoco.

Mi experiencias y las tuyas no son los mismos

Y aunque quiero regresar a mi tierra, estoy consciente que esto esterotipos siguen

Mi negritud es una bendición

No es un agobio ni una maldicion

Y respeto a mis ancestros que me protejen

Soy una negra poderosa con sangre de todos los esclavos africanos

Con un ritmo y un baile generado de los tambores y claves

My marks of Blackness are quite apparent

And though you may hypersexualize my presence, and consider me less…

I am aware that I will dominate any space when I fully manifest

Not solely because of my skin, but because of the light that radiates from my being

My Blackness is beautiful. And yours is too.

Mi negritud es bella. Y la tuya, tambien.


Diana Metz, an AfroDominican writer, sister, daughter, student and high priestess. Born and raised in Washington Heights, New York, she uses her experiences in Santeria, spirituality and african identity in her work.



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