Convolutions: An Introduction

Peace and blessings. These essays, conversations, short responses and forms of storytelling will be all over the place. And I know, some of ya like order and organization and bullet points (me too haha) but come on now: look at the water. Try to quantify the amount of water in the ocean. My head reads ERROR. We are so much, literally. One of us can be 50 different people. And multiply that by the world population. 

Convolutions is a transformative way of archiving the movement of us. As a Caribbean woman, as a young woman, as a woman conflicted on her skin dynamics, as a weird hoodrat and as a shawty who just be wanting to smoke and paint some dope shit; you will see the inside of my life as I travel among us, observing and asking us questions about us. Currently, I am living in a housing cooperative that has been providing a liberated space for us for the last 18 years. You will read about what is going on in Puerto Rico, in South Africa, in Brazil, and in the sound rending blocks of East New York, Paterson, Newark, Harlem and Washington Heights. Here to my commitment of sharing my convolutions, sharing the things I battle with everyday as a human who wants to heal and just give to the world. Here is to us, going back to understanding that we are indigenous to this land of Planet Earth, to this Universe, to all the galaxies and creatures we cannot name or even see. And with that, we say ashe. 

I am a multimedia artist, plant lover and researcher. I love being with people, especially when they have stories to tell and lessons to spread. Through the learnings of truth tellers and truth seekers, I have gained the discipline to transform my diet to a plant-based one which is also minimalistic in consumption of commercial products. If I can not make it, or figure it out, then I should not be eating it. I still partake in capitalism of course, but in very small ways. I cook my own meals, mix my own skin/hair products and in training to be an herbalist, farmer and holder of truth. I enjoy the deep sounds of drums, jazz, r&b and house. I paint with a lot of bright colors, I admire art in any form. And my love right now is making smoothies and teas.



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